Watch: Man Tried To Control An Alligator With A Shirt, What Happened Next Will Scare You


Watch: Man Tried To Control An Alligator With A Shirt, What Happened Next Will Scare You

Social media users were terrified by the video.

Any interaction with an alligator, one of the deadliest and scariest predators one could come across, could end in serious injury or perhaps death. They are among the fastest and most ferocious reptiles, so one must pray they never come into contact with one.

A video that is going viral on social media shows an old man trying to trap an alligator with the help of a simple piece of cloth that looks like a shirt. The visuals are as bizarre and scary as they sound while reading. The man at first looked confident and skilled in the act of trapping the big reptile, but as the video continued, it showed the old man falling to the ground uncontrollably. He tried backing away and looked scared to see the dangerous attacking moves of the alligator.

The elderly man’s hand was briefly caught in the alligator’s mouth. The gentleman was able to save himself unharmed, as the reptile promptly opened its mouth and left the man. This video serves as an excellent example of why it’s never a good idea to interact with wild animals without the appropriate training and support.

Reddit users have watched the shocking video numerous times, yet they still seem stunned by it based on the volume of comments that have been left.

“Damn the way he threw that shirt, I really thought this guy knew what he was doing,” commented one user.

Another user wrote that “the guy is very lucky the super-fast second snap didn’t get his foot or leg! It was so close.”

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