Watch: Pet Cats Use Christmas Tree As Playground, Internet Amused


Watch: Pet Cats Use Christmas Tree As Playground, Internet Amused

The Twitter user Buitengebieden shared this video.

Pets not only give their owners the warmth of their love, but also problems around the house due to their ignorance of the things humans use. Two cats are seen almost damaging a Christmas tree in a recent video of the holiday season that is becoming viral online.

The cats are seen playing around a Christmas tree at the beginning of the 33-second clip. After a brief period of searching for one another, they began to race to the top of the Christmas tree. One cat, who had been staying at the top of the tree, then fell, making noise with the ornaments, garlands, baubles, tinsel, and candy canes hanging from it.

This video was posted by the Twitter account Buitengebieden with a caption that reads, “It’s the season..”, showing that the cats are in a cheerful mood as a result of the holiday season.

Watch the video here:

On Twitter, the video has around 500k views and is currently trending. More than 27000 people liked it on Twitter, and many more left witty comments.

“I used to have a kitty like that, but with a real tree, it was more difficult to find her, but then you could follow a trail of foil where she’d been eating the chocolate, commented one user.

Comparing this video with life’s philosophy, one person commented, “Just as it is in the real world, once you’ve reached the top, the only way is down; hanging on up there is quite difficult.”

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