WhatsApp sticker pack of YOU! Latest update makes your stickers, see how


WhatsApp gets the avatars feature from Facebook, allowing users to create their own sticker packs.

WhatsApp will now let you create your own sticker pack! Similar to the avatars feature on Facebook, WhatsApp now adds the ability to create a cartoonish version of yourself and generate sticker pack. The feature is similar to the avatar version of Facebook, and users should be able to create their own stickers, similar to Animojis on iOS. The only difference is that these will not be animated.

In an official blog, WhatsApp says that avatars wants you to create a digital version of your personality, and lets you customise it with accessories and items such as clothes, jewellery, facial features and more. You can choose from a billion combinations of various aspects such as hairstyle, facial hair, outfits, accessories, and more. Once created, WhatsApp will generate a custom sticker pack based on your avatar.

WhatsApp Avatar to create personal stickers

That’s not all, WhatsApp says that the avatar can be used as your new profile picture. You can either have a simple one, or one from the 36 different custom stickers reflecting different emotions and actions.

WhatsApp says that avatars will keep on improving in the future, allowing users to create style enhancements such as lighting, shading, hair style textures, and more.

As of now, the update is rolling out and you might see it soon. Once the update is available to download, this is how you can create the avatars sticker pack.

– Once the update is downloaded, open any chat window and summon the emojis menu. After the sticker tab, you will see a new “avatar” tab. Click on it.

– Once you open it, WhatsApp will ask you to create a new avatar of your own and generate sticker pack based on your customisation.

– Go ahead with the customisation part. Choose your outfits, head gear, facial features, accessories, and more. Once you are done, proceed to create your avatar.

WhatsApp will generate a sticker pack of your avatar. You can now tap on these to send as stickers, just like you do on Facebook.

– Additionally, you can go to the Settings and tap on your profile photo. You can now choose the avatar option as your profile photo option.



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