While it lasted, the dream was beautiful: Following Portugal’s


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Cristiano Ronaldo, a legendary player for Portugal, shared his feelings on Instagram after his team was eliminated by a tough Moroccan team in the quarterfinals.

The largest and most ambitious dream of my career was to help Portugal win the World Cup. However, putting the name of our nation on the greatest level in the globe was my biggest desire, he wrote on the social media platform. Fortunately, I won numerous trophies of an international scope, including for Portugal.

“I battled for it. For this dream, I battled valiantly. I gave my all in the five World Cup appearances I had during a 16-year period, always playing with outstanding players and with millions of Portuguese fans cheering me on. I simply left everything out there. I never turned away from the battle, and I never stopped believing in that ideal,” he continued.

Since his arrival in Qatar, Ronaldo has been in the center of the maelstrom. Every action he has taken has drawn attention, from his highly publicized departure from Manchester United before the World Cup to his gesture when Fernando Santos substituted him after Portugal’s 1-2 loss to South Korea in the group stages.

When he was benched in a round of 16 encounter against Switzerland, amid rumors that everything was not well between Ronaldo and Santos, things reached a breaking point. Cristiano Ronaldo was once again benched for Portugal’s quarterfinal match against Morocco, which would ultimately be their final World Cup game, despite the Portugal coach denying any such rift.

“Unfortunately, the dream came to an end yesterday. I just want everyone to know that despite all the talk, speculation, and writing, my commitment to Portugal has not wavered in the slightest. Ronaldo said in the Instagram post, “I was always one more person battling for everyone’s goal and I would never turn my back on my teammates and my country.

There isn’t much more to say at this time. Regards, Portugal. Regards, Qatar. While it was happening, the dream was lovely. It’s now time to act as a decent advisor and let everyone to their own conclusions,” he said.


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