Wordle 528 answer for November 29: Did you claim the win today? Check Wordle hints, clues, solution


Wordle 528 answer for November 29: Today’s Wordle answer is one of the easiest ones in a while. See how to get it right if you face issues.

Wordle 528 answer for November 29: After a couple of tricky ones, Wordle is back with a word of the day that is easy to guess. Wordle doesn’t often give us words that are easy to find to figure out. Some of them take several tries to and there are even days wherein the most experienced players run out of chances to get the word right. Fortunately, today’s Wordle word of the day is an easy one to guess, provided you keep your mind open.

Wordle 528 hints for November 29:

The Wordle 528 word of the day is a rather common word used in our daily lives, mostly associated with prizes, insurance, and literature. In fact, our headline contains the word, if you look for it carefully.

Wordle 528 clues for November 29

1. The word begins with C.

2. There are two vowels.

3. It ends with M.

4. One of the vowels is I.

5. The uncommon letter is L.

That’s it. That is all the clue we can give you without telling the answer. We suggest you carefully read through and you should claim the win without a hassle. But is that not enough? Fret not as we give you the answer below.

Wordle 528 answer for November 29

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read if you are not looking for the answer to Wordle 528.

Today’s word is CLAIM. The word is commonly used in English as a verb and noun. Make sure to check back again tomorrow for more assistance.



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