Have WiFi, but internet still running SLOW? Are you at fault?


Life without internet- how difficult it is even to imagine! In the era of 5G connectivity, slow internet will definitely annoy people. The Internet is required for almost everything-from making online payments, shopping, to studying or doing official work. Imagine, you are in the middle of something important and your internet is running slow. It not only annoys you, it also delays your work.

Though you can work with the data pack you have on your sim card, having WiFi will make your work much faster and easier. But if you are a WiFi user, and think that having WiFi connection from a good server will lower the chances of slow internet, you need to think again. The speed of the internet depends on several factors. Here are some of the points you need to take care of or check if you have a WiFi connection and your internet speed is slow.

Things to check when internet speed is slow

Check the modem: Generally, whenever we face slow internet connectivity, the first thing we check or make changes to is the router. However, you actually need to check the modem, not the router. It can be known that a modem is a device which connects your home network to the internet service provider. While a router is something which forwards data packets between computer networks.

You need to check the positioning of your modem too. Check if there is no interference from heavy objects, and walls. Changing the location of the modem and bringing it closer to your electronic device can make some difference in the speed of the internet.

You also need to check for updates. If your device has pending updates or if some updates are taking place at the backend, it may lead to slower internet. You can click on remind me later to avoid such situations and can update your device in your free time.


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