Facebook owner Meta hires new VP for India, Know all about Sandhya Devanathan


Facebook owner Meta has appointed Sandhya Devanathan as the new head and VP of India business.

After a couple of high-profile exits over the last two weeks, Facebook owner Meta has now hired a new Head and Vice President for its Indian business. Sandhya Devanathan, who has been with Meta since 2016, will now be heading the Indian business. Devanathan will take the role of the Head and VP starting January 1, 2023, and will report to Dan Neary, who is currently heading the role of the Vice President for the APAC region. 

Devanathan has been with Facebook since 2016 and has helped build its Singapore and Vietnam business while also working for the initiatives in South East Asia. She will takeover from Ajit Mohan, who has been taking care of the same role, and will now move back to India to lead the company and its strategy in India. 

Prior to this, Ajit Mohan was leading the role as the VP and Head for the India business and has joined rival Snap Inc as the president of the Asia Pacific business. Additionally, other key people from the senior management, which include Abhijit Bose from WhatsApp India and Rajiv Agarwal, who served as the director of Public Policy for Meta in India.

The new appointment comes at a time when Meta’s global business is going through tough times. Meta has been facing issues with its revenue due to advertisements, and as a result, the company fired a total 11000 employees from across the global scene. 


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