Internet in Stitches As Puppy Confuses Hen As Its Mom

The video shows two puppies confusing a hen as their mother.

There is no denying that the internet seems like a place filled with hate on most days, but there are times when a little ray of wholesomeness shines through all the negativity. Now, a video has surfaced on the internet which will definitely make you smile today. Posted on Twitter by Yog, the video shows two puppies confusing a hen as their mother.

While hens are known to adopt and care for chicks and other animals quite easily. The video shows a mother hen taking care of two puppies. The 10-second clip shows a hen picking the pooches’ fleas while warming them with its thick wings. Further in the video, a rooster enters the picture and seemed a little confused.

Watch the video here:

The adorable video has amassed nearly 3 lakh views with several likes and comments. A user commented, “Rooster upset… was his hen not faithful.” Another user wrote, “It’s almost like the rooster is looking at that and thinking how the heck did that happen?”

The third user commented, “Maybe not confused. Roosters can be pretty aggressive – I was terrorized by one as a child! The puppy has found a safe place.”

The fourth wrote, “Mothers are mothers no matter to whom. On the other hand of course fathers will be fathers..balance much.”

“So cozy and warm underneath the hen,” the fifth wrote.

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