Wedding Called Off In Uttarakhand After Bride Objects To “Cheap” Attire Sent By Groom’s Family


Wedding Called Off In Uttarakhand After Bride Objects To 'Cheap' Attire Sent By Groom's Family

The matter escalated so much that police had to intervene. (Representational Pic)

Indian weddings are a grand affair. From food to the rituals, you get to savour everything in the extravaganza. However, in a bizarre incident, a bride from Haldwani in Uttarakhand, cancelled her wedding after the groom’s family sent her a ‘cheap’ lehenga, according to a Times of India report.

The outlet further said that just days before the wedding, the woman split up with her fiance, who belongs to Almora, because the groom’s father had sent his future daughter-in-law a lehenga which was priced at Rs 10,000. She didn’t appreciate the attire because of the low price and poor quality, the report claimed.

The couple got engaged in June this year, and their wedding date was set for November 5. 

As the matter escalated, both the families approached the police, said India Today. The cops at Kotwali police station managed to calm them down and send them home. But the groom’s family raised the issue again saying they have already printed the invitation cards for the wedding.

After this, again with the intervention of the police, a settlement was made and the wedding was called off.

Talking about weddings and bizarre incidents, a few months ago, a Pakistani groom wore a garland made of currency notes. However, the garland was gigantic, so much so that the groom had to take help from his friends to hold it together on the wedding stage. At Least six people, including the groom, were seen hiding behind the humongous garland.

This custom is not only practiced in Pakistan, it is a very common ritual in north Indian states as well. However, the Reserve Bank of India had warned people and issued a statement saying that bank notes should be respected as they are a symbol of the sovereign and people should not misuse them.

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