WhatsApp video calls while using other apps! Special feature for iPhone users coming

WhatsApp will now allow Picture-in-Picture mode for users doing video calls while using other apps.

WhatsApp video calls is set to get a big update that will allow users to do easier multitasking. WhatsApp video calls are quite popular in the subcontinent, allowing users to make video calls easily and with lower data consumption across all kinds of device platforms. Now, WhatsApp is getting ready to give the video calling feature a huge boost with a Picture-in-Picture mode. The feature will be coming to iPhones only for now and is still in beta testing mode.

Based on a report from WABetaInfo, the latest beta version of WhatsApp is now giving users the ability to carry on with their video calls in a floating window while they use other apps. The floating window will show a larger view of your caller and a small view of yourself. The feature is based on the official iOS APIs and the reports says it can be hidden too.

WhatsApp Video calls in floating window

Picture-in-Picture isn’t a new thing for WhatsApp on iOS; the messenger app already uses floating windows to play YouTube videos and other video links from social media platforms. So far, the video calls used to work only if the user was within the realms of WhatsApp. However, as soon as the user moved out of WhatsApp during the video call, the window would go away and the caller would see the video paused on the other side.

With this update, users will be able to continue with video calls even after they get out of WhatsApp. The floating windows, as seen in the screenshot, is a very small one and good enough for the duration of quickly making payments as well as checking something in the background.

Note that this is a beta feature for now and hence, it might take a while to rollout for everyone. Those already on the iOS TestFlight program testing beta versions of apps will be able to experience the feature immediately.

On the other hand, WhatsApp recently rolled out a feature called Message Yourself, which allows users to have a chat window for jotting down notes, or putting reminders in the form of chats.


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